Monday, March 23, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

  • Monday: Breakfast Burritos
  • Tuesday: Slow Cooker Oatmeal with fruit and nuts
  • Wednesday : Bacon and Eggs with Toast
  • Thursday: Slow Cooker Oatmeal
  • Friday: Bacon and Eggs with Toast
  • Saturday: Slow Cooker Oatmeal
  • Sunday: Breakfast Burritos with Breakfast sausage
  • Monday: pbj sandwiches and ramen noodle soup, strawberries
  • Tuesday: might be out for errands
  • Wednesday: hot dogs, fruit (packed up in cooler)
  • Thursday: homemade hot pockets
  • Friday: leftovers
  • Saturday: mushroom hamburgers
  • Sunday: leftovers/sandwiches


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