Sunday, July 12, 2009

Quick and Easy (oh and did I mention CHEAP) dinner

I loved this meal cause I know how cheap it was! Hey, I get my kicks where I can. So we were on day six of Daddy being out of town. I do pretty good for the first few nights, but then.... well, quick and easy dinners become necessary. And with three kids to feed, cheap is always essential.

I got the corn for 10 cents an ear at Target

The sausage was half price AND I had a coupon that was tripled

The BBQ sauce was free when I combined a coupon and a sale

***happy claps****

So, it was super easy, I just browned an onion, threw in the sliced sausage, added a bottle of BBQ sauce. At the exact same time I had another frypan on the stove with the chopped zuchini, butter, salt and pepper and the corn steaming on the back burner. It was all ready in about 15 minutes.

John isn't feeling well, but even on a good day he doesn't like new food. When he saw what I had on the stove he fell to the floor howling and yelling about how much he hated it. When he slowed down a little I offered him a taste, he said "um, thats yummy mommy, I LOVE it!!!" Fickle fickle

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