Thursday, February 12, 2009

Menu Plan .....

I am so way behind and unorganized. I felt like a boat adrift. I crave structure, I NEED it to survive!!! So I spent today getting my menus in gear, and my grocery shopping done.... alone.... blissfully alone. By jingo, it took me half the time to make it through the store with none of the kids, who knew?

if the recipes work out, I will post them! Except for the rotisserie chicken, I am stealing that one from HEB.

Thursday - Rotisserie Chicken/mashed potatoes/green beans

Friday - I *think* we are going out for valentines, but a few of the kids are looking a bit green.... I have my fingers crossed. If not, I am making pollo blanco, and I will post the recipe. Its something I had in Mexico, but haven't found much here and the recipes are nonexistent. So I will be making it up as I go along.

Saturday - Baked Potatoes/Salad/Broccoli/Valentines chocolate fondue

Sunday - Black and Blue Sirloin/herbed potatoes/autumnal green beans

Monday - Chicken and Wild Rice bake with White wine sauce/Tuscan peas

Tuesday - Olive Garden Pasta e fagioli soup/homemade bread/salad with olive garden dressing

Wednesday - Jenns Meatloaf/garlicky smashed potatoes/caramelized green beans

Thursday - Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken/Jasmine Rice/ Sugar snap peas

Friday - BBQ Chicken in the crockpot for BBQ chicken pizza/Cheese Pizza/on homeade crust from the bread machine/ salad with olive garden dressing.

Saturday - Chicken and Shrimp Phad Thai

Sunday - Quesadillas/Beans/Rice

Monday - Spaghetti Pie/Broccoli/Salad

Tuesday - Chicken Tortilla Soup/Salad/Homeade Bread/Herb Butter

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Rob said...

As always I anxiously await to see how your recipes turn out. Of course you're costing me money chick, with all this out of the ordinary cooking :) haha

Do you like Lamb? I'm working on a lamb recipe for the crock.