Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Menu Plan Monday (except its Tuesday :)


B- Oatmeal and fruit
L- Sandwich wraps, fruit, yogurt
S- grapes/yogurt
D- Mongolian Beef, brown rice and broccoli (top sirloin was on sale at Randalls last week)


B- Breakfast Burritos (sausage, egg, and cheese), fruit smoothie
L- Pack a lunch w/snacks for trip out: hot dogs in a thermos, granola bars, hummus and veggies or pita chips, cherries, yogurt and drinks.
D- Newton's Hot Wings for Grownups, Chicken Nuggets for the kiddos, salad and fruit


B- Pancakes, bacon, Fruit smoothie
L- PB&J from the freezer, chips, turkey sandwiches, fruit, drinks
Pork Chops w/shake and bake (center cup sirloin on sale at HEB), garlic mashed potates, applesauce, fresh veggie


B- Scrambled Eggs and toast, fruit smoothie
L- Frito Pies, fruit, drinks
D- Roasted Chicken (sale HEB), challah bread, veggies, sweet potatoes


B- cereal, fruit smoothie
L- PB&J, Chicken Cesare Salad, fruit, Oatmeal bars
D- Bertolli meals (on sale and coupon at Randalls), salad


D- Cheeseburgers and baked beans, fuit salad

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