Friday, July 24, 2009

Firecracker Shrimp

I had planned on cooking this recipe from the Pioneer Woman. I have loved every single one of her recipes I have tried. However, I realized that I had no skewers, hadn't had time to go down to the fish markets to pick up fresh shrimp and I would be using the frozen, already cooked variety. So I made a few adjustments. It came out AWESOME, however, my tongue is still smoldering. Brian loves spicey foods and for him it was just right.

Firecracker Shrimp (revised)

1 pound of Jumbo shrimp
4 TBL Siracha Sauce (you can find this in the asian aisle of your regular grocery store)
1 tsp chili paste (next time I will probably leave this off so it doesn't have so much burn)
2 TBL Olive oil
2 TBL brown sugar
2 TBL fish sauce (optional, it doesn't taste like fish, its more a type of vinegar, also in the asian aisle)
2 TBl Brown Sugar
5 cloves garlic pressed

throw all the ingredients into the frying pan, stir till hot.


Rob said...

Ok, I've jotted this one down to try ASAP. I enjoy some fried shrimp so this looks great to me!

Rob said...

Okay since I owed you a comment I thought I'd follow this up by fixing this for dinner tonight :) How's that for keeping up with ya pal-o-mine?

The firecracker shrimp was SOOOOPER GOOD :) So good that I got to spell super wrong just to say it!

Thanks for the recipe!

P.S. - I was the only one who liked it but sigh, such is the dilemma for culinarily curious.

Heather said...

Hey now :P I tasted it (yes me!) and it wasn't bad at all. The heat could get to me - but with me it's more of the shrimp vs mental game I'd have to get over to eat more than one. :) But it really didn't taste bad at all.